How far will the Rangers get this season?

A Promising Farewell?
The coaches closing remarks made me take a sip of the Kool-Aid.

Photo by Greg Donahue

Photo by Greg Donahue

Blueshirt fans I would highly recommend checking out Tortorella’s break-up day remarks which you can find on a few of our links to the Pro Blogs.

I know many fans had mixed emotions about Torts; his constant line changes, the way he carried himself and the general inconsistency throughout the year. However, I think he deserves another year for two key reasons.

-         He is committed to getting younger and not afraid of pushing veterans out of the way to do so. This is a league where your “home grown” talent wins you games, just look at the NHL’s top teams such as Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Washington.

      In reference to Parenteau, who Torts said was one of the top skill guys on this   team and with some hard work in a few key areas could be a huge part of next years team. I couldn’t agree more as P.A. has a nose for the net and I would love to see him get a real shot a becoming a top guy on this team. The reason I mentioned him specifically; being the skeptical Ranger fan I am, is he would have been a typical guy the Ranger organization would have tried for a few games and dumped in the first juicy deal that came along.

      He also realized the importance of Anisimov and his own critical role as a coach in finding the “right” spot for the talented youngster on this team.

-     The next positive about Tortorella is his willingness to point out a clear problem with the locker room. Generally a coach should not get too involved in this aspect of the team, as it is key for the players to come together and develop their own identity; but keeping a pulse of what goes on is vital.

      We knew things were not great but after some of the comments yesterday, it      seemed like this room was a disaster for most of the year. It also seems the          problems did not stem from the team leadership (The C and the A’s), but rather a       few cancerous players within.

No specific names were mentioned but I bet if Torts has his way he will find these          guys and send them packing in one way or another.


I know this is a controversial post but I truly believe he has the strength to fight the tendencies of this organization and go with a youth movement. We know the core of this team is a young hard working bunch of guys, but if he stays true to his word by cultivating the youth and seeking out the problems…I am in.

Posted by Greg Donahue | April 14, 2010 at 09:02 am

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