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Rumored Rangers' Offer To Richards Through The Roof

Brad Richards is a great player, but it would be hard for anyone to live up to these rumored contract numbers

Brad Richards is a great player, but it would be hard for anyone to live up to these rumored contract numbers

UPDATE: Panic over McKenzie's speculated offer should subside if the NY Post's Larry Brooks is more accurate in his estimate.  Brooks believes the Rangers have presented Richards with a six-to-eight year offer worth between $6.5 million and $7 million a year.  That's still a ton of money and years, but much easier to swallow than the unfathomable nine-year, $63 million McKenzie guessed last night.  We should know sometime this morning or early afternoon.

- In the meantime, check out this statistical analysis of Richards from last season.


LAST NIGHT: Tonight closes with this the terrifying speculation from TSN’s usually reliable Bob McKenzie that the Rangers may be offering a front-loaded nine-year deal worth between $63 million and $65 million for Brad Richards.

Never mind that McKenzie thinks Calgary and Los Angeles may have made even higher offers, the mere fact that GM Glen Sather is prepared to toss that kind of money around is disheartening.

The crumbling of the NHL’s economic pay scale today doesn’t changed the fact that the Rangers have an embarrassing recent history of spending lavishly on free agents that fall flat on their faces.

The recent successes in finding homegrown talent have been huge steps in the right direction, but this will be a disappointing reversion to the Rangers’ old ways if it comes to fruition.

New York had a very good thing going with its lunch-pail young core and though adding Richards to the mix could propel them to the next level; it will be very difficult for Richards, or anyone else in the league, to justify that kind of contract in the end.

Maybe McKenzie’s report is inaccurate; but it might also be time to hope that Richards is extremely good friends with Jarome Iginla behind the scenes, or interested in trying out the left wing in Los Angeles with his good buddy Mike that shares the same last name, or that he has as much faith in Phil Kessel as Toronto GM Brian Burke and wants to see the Leafs’ enigmatic right wing fulfill his potential.

The Rangers might need one of those things to be true to bail them out of a huge mistake.




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Posted by Kevin Baumer | July 1, 2011 at 11:28 pm

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