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Thoughts On Ryan Callahan And J.T. Miller

Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan

Back from my vacation, thanks for bearing with us!  Here are some thoughts on the big Rangers news of the last few days.

- There’s considerable shock over both the term of Ryan Callahan’s contract and the dollar amount.  Everyone assumed Callahan would be in for a significant bump over Brandon Dubinsky’s $4.2 million cap hit, but in the end Cally ended up with a dollar figure just a nudge over Dubi’s.  Callahan’s new three-year, $12.785 million deal is definitely an agreeable number for the Blueshirts and though the difference between his $4.275 million cap hit and the estimated $4.5 million to $5 million most expected Callahan would get isn’t much, if Callahan had earned the higher number it would have basically been equivalent to Steve Eminger’s contract this year.  It would have been hard to argue if Callahan got significant more than he did, but assuming he becomes the team’s captain and a consistent 25-to-30 goal scorer, it will be a bargain.  Though Callahan was disappointed that he didn’t receive a longer deal, he seemed to understand the Rangers couldn’t make that happen right now.  It’s hard to say what that means, but as a true captain should, Callahan did what was best for the team.  Barring something unforeseen, Callahan will remain a Ranger for much longer than the three-year term of this deal and could be poised to cash in again as a 29-year-old.

- As first speculated by HockeyBuzz a week ago, the Rangers signed first-round pick J.T. Miller to an entry-level deal.  This was a curious move because the Rangers have typically allowed their prospects to play a year un-signed after being drafted, likely to make sure they’re progressing well.  There was no rush to sign Miller, but the C/LW has made his desire to reach the NHL quickly well known.  The Rangers were obviously higher on Miller than most when they drafted him, so perhaps this signing indicates that the team is more confident than we realize that Miller will be the real deal.  Miller will play for the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL this season after initially indicating that he’d attend the University of North Dakota.  Miller’s change of heart has drawn criticism and though the Rangers did not push Miller to make the move, they can’t be too upset about it.  The Blueshirts have been very successful with developing OHL prospects in recent years and although players like Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh have emerged from the college ranks, Chris Kreider’s slower development has clearly disturbed New York.  Miller’s decision to play in the OHL and desire to hit the fast-track to the NHL are in stark contrast to Kreider and is surely preferable for New York.  If all goes well for Miller this year, he has stated that it is his hope to play professionally, likely in the AHL, next season.  The Rangers are stacked at center and along the right wing, so unless Derek Stepan is switched to the left side, it would appear that Miller and Kreider could be direct competitors for a vacant left wing spot over the next two seasons.  The development of these two will be very interesting to watch, but Miller is clearly coming in with guns blazing.

- The New Jersey Devils placed Colin White and Trent Hunter on waivers today.  Both will be bought out assuming they go unclaimed and this could free up enough money for the Devils to sign Zach Parise to a long-term contract extension before next summer.  The Rangers are up against the cap and will be unable to pursue either player even if they were interested, but both could have been interesting depth players.  Hunter was a decent bottom-six player before his leg injury last year and White, though limited offensively and fairly immobile, is a big-time physical presence.

- The Traverse City Tournament begins September 10th!

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Posted by Kevin Baumer | August 1, 2011 at 01:18 pm

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