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Ryan Callahan Named Captain
Brad Richards and Marc Staal will be the alternates...

Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan was named the 26th captain in Rangers’ history today.  Marc Staal and Brad Richards will be the alternates.

Callahan’s predecessor, Chris Drury, struggled with age and injuries and was more of a quiet leader during his time in New York, but the Rangers’ new captain will be a prototypical lead by example figurehead.

Callahan missed time last season with two broken bones, but otherwise he had a banner year and set career highs across the board.  The right winger dispelled the notion that he was a just a grinder and took pride last spring when the hockey world recognized that he was actually a very talented player.  

For this hardhat and lunch pail group of young Blueshirts, Callahan could turn out to be the ideal leader.  New York has added some skill and will continue to add more in the future, but make no mistake, Coach John Tortorella loved the identity of his team last season and wants to make sure that the same blue-collar intensity and high work ethic continue no matter who is on the ice.

Callahan has a seemingly endless reserve of energy and epitomizes that attitude.  He doesn’t have a history of stirring locker room speeches and at just 26-years-old, he’s much younger than traditional captains, but Callahan wears his heart on his sleeve.  In the past, that probably wouldn’t have been enough to secure Callahan the “C,” but this is a different group and the philosophy of the front office has changed dramatically over the last few seasons.

No longer are high-priced free agents and sexy names the priorities for team-building.  Today, the New York Rangers are focused on cultivating young players with speed, skill and perhaps most importantly, character.

Callahan was one of the earliest graduates of the new wave of Rangers and he is the model that the team hopes its other young players will follow.  That’s a tall task, but with today’s announcement New York has clearly showed its young players that if they play the right way, put in the time, work their butts off and thrive in the NHL, they’ll not only be rewarded with fat contracts - as Callahan and others were this summer - but they’ll have long and respected futures on Broadway ahead of them.


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Posted by Kevin Baumer | September 12, 2011 at 11:00 am

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