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Game VII
All Hail The King!

King Henrik will lead us to victory!

King Henrik will lead us to victory!

Despite being in a two game hole; despite only scoring 2 goals in 3 games in Washington; despite coming off of an emotional shut out a day prior; and despite being an underdog, the New York Rangers showed in a big way in Game 7.

By now you already know that the Rangers took Game 7 from the Caps by dominating them in a 5-0 shut out. Following up the 1-0 shutout from the night before, a lot of fans could see the this was the Lundqvist whom we proudly call “King”. Last night could have been a disaster with the way the series seemed to be shaping up. But Lundqvist put the team on his back and kept the Capitals at bay.

This article is simple; there is just one thing the Rangers need to change in order to advance to the next round: their number one guys need to start acting like number one guys. Look, the NHL playoffs are notorious for making heroes out of 2nd and 3rd (hell, after Asham’s play, I’ll even say 4th) line players. The number one line will always be matched with the opposition’s number one defenders staring them in the face. The Capitals’ stars are just as guilty. McDonagh’s performance in this series was Leetch-esque. But Nash and Richards held without a goal in 7 games is inexcusable. Callahan having one goal in 7 games (and it was a goal to give the Rangers a 4-0 lead) is inexcusable. Thankfully Stepan and Hagelin had 2 goals or else I would hold them just as accountable for this series going to 7 games and forcing Lundqvist and the blue line to stand up in a big way.

Richards was acquired for the sole purpose of bringing his play making ability with him into the post season. Last year he went on an OK playoff run. We all just remember the Game 5 goal with seconds to go that forced the overtime. So he gets a pass. But he was invisible this series. Nash was acquired for the sole purpose of bringing his offensive ability with him into the post season. What crushed the Rangers last year was that they had two seven game series back to back. The only games they won against the Devils were shutouts. They needed someone to score that goal that would put them over the top. Nash has not been that guy. Like at all. He did not even have a shot on goal last night. Del Zotto scored while Nash missed the net. He has to get his head in the game and step up in a big, big way.

If the Rangers play the same game, this series will be a good one for the good guys. Not that it will be a cake walk, but the Rangers have the tools to win this series. But again, the top guys need to be top guys. Brassarrd can only play over his head like this for so long. Asham cannot be the go to guy to win a game. This team is too talented to let the big ticket players not be big point getters. Lundqvist plays well in Boston. The defense just shut down one of the best players in the world. And they scored five goals to win a series on the road. This team is starting to look a lot like last years’ team.

So brace yourselves Ranger fans, the Bruins are coming.

-Dan French


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Posted by Will Wagner | May 15, 2013 at 03:21 am

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New York Rangers VS Boston Bruins
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

  1 2 3 OT F
Rangers 0 2 1 - 3
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