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New Coach; New Philosophy; New Mood; New Hope
Mild-Mannered Alain Vigneault Brings Calming Influence to the Big Apple

Onto the era of 'cool, calm, and collected'

Onto the era of 'cool, calm, and collected'

Over the last 4+ seasons, when the words "New York Rangers" and "Head Coach" were making headlines, it was a safe bet that the word "fireworks" would likely follow. John Tortorella was well-known for his unforgettable sound bites and aggressive personality when it came to dealing with both his players and the New York media.

It appears as though the new Ranger coach won't follow in his footsteps.

Alain Vigneault (who'd like to be known as "AV") took to the microphone with something to be said Friday at Radio City Music hall and a simple philosophy. The soft spoken AV simply said, he wants hockey to be played "the right way". Whether that means taking the high percentage play or giving more creative offensive liberties to the players will only be known next season, but Vigneault seems intent on having a more relaxed, less fiery presence with the New York media. He even had a joke or two at the expense of Glen Sather, and their relationship seems to be getting off on the right foot. He was the first to admit that he wasn't particularly familiar with all of the Blueshirt personnel, but would be spending this next week getting better acquainted with them and preparing for the upcoming draft and free agency period with the Ranger brain trust. Following the press conference, Vigneault was very approachable, and sat down with about 25 members of the media and just spoke candidly. He was very conversational, and had a calm demeanor, coming across very relaxed and comfortable in front of the bright lights of the big city.

AV's got every reason to have be relaxed with his pedigree. The record speaks for itself: he led Vancouver to the Presidents' trophy and a win percentage over .700 just two seasons ago, and was a win away from capturing the Stanley Cup. He's had head coaching experience going all the way back to 86-87 season in both the QMJHL and NHL, and his win percentage is approaching .600 more and more each season. But what can AV do for us?

He knows how to develop and mentor young talent. He was able to guide the Sedin twins and Ryan Kessler along in their young careers, and will be looking to help the undeveloped talent in New York mature in the same way. John Tortorella lost a lot of support by choosing to call out some of the younger guys in the media; and it looks as though AV will not be handling his players in the same fashion.

Ranger fans were in need of a personality change after the Tortorella years, as his intense personality wore out his welcome at MSG. Vigneault is signed for five years in New York, and if his successful record in Vancouver is any indication of what he can do with mentoring youngsters, Ranger fans are getting excited just thinking about what he can do with the offensive firepower already signed for next year. I think everyone in New York is happy to have a "player's coach" at the helm of the 2013-2014 campaign.


-William Wagner


Posted by Will Wagner | June 23, 2013 at 12:31 pm

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