How far will the Rangers get this season?

Tricks and Retweets
New MSG, or same old MSG?

It will be a treat to see Cally back on the ice!

It will be a treat to see Cally back on the ice!

Before we talk about tricks, let me Retweet:

New York Rangers @NYRangers2h

Alain Vigneault says it should be about a week to ten days before Ryan Callahan can return to lineup, Cally says "that sounds about right"

I need not mention how great that news is. Onto the tricks...


Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to go on a media tour of the brand new Madison Square Garden. So much has been made of the renovations and changes to the arena, but what MSG is best known for, is the fan base which occupies it, whether it’s teams are good or bad. While adding massive video ceilings and a state of the art bridge area surrounding the action can dazzle the media; it’s really the blue seats which best define the Garden. There are courtside celebrities announced at each home game for both the Rangers and Knicks over the Fall-to-Spring sports season, but it’s the fans in the nosebleed section which define these franchises. The best words to currently describe them: impatient.

Over the last four decades, fans have gotten a taste of success, followed by many seasons of struggle, but we keep coming back to the Garden. In 1973, the New York Knicks beat the Los Angeles Lakers in 5 games, a season after losing to the Lakers in 5 games. Since then, Knick fans have only a 7 game Finals loss in 1994 to Houston and a 5 game beating in 1999 at the hands of San Antonio for their dedication. After the Rangers won their Cup in 1994, they’ve yet to be back to the finals since.

It has been well documented how tough New York sports fans are to please. The position of GM for either storied franchise bears a criticism like no other. Through both free agent signings and trade acquisitions you will always find skeptics who second-guess decisions. The only foolproof way to please fans is to win it all (note: NY Giants and NY Yankees). That’s what 1994 gave to MSG sports fans. This isn’t like the NFL of MLB, where it seems like we’re competitive and in the championship talks at least once or twice every decade, if not more often. For MSG fans, looking forward to a season where we’re a potential Stanley Cup winner or a top Larry O’Brien Trophy contender is not just a matter of time. It takes a lot of patience, and sometimes fans have to painstakingly drudge though seemingly endless seasons with no light ahead.

That wasn’t supposed to be this year though. Not for the Rangers or the Knicks. This year we’re contenders, even if the record doesn’t currently reflect it. This year there are no tricks. We know we have the tools; and we’re not short on talent. This season features a brand new building and a glimmer of hope and we’ve shown hints of success. With the frightening open to the Rangers season, the Blueshirts get to take the ice tonight looking for their first 2-game win streak of the year vs the Sabres. We can go into a new month on a positive note, and give our new building a win we can all be proud of. If not, those rafters will continue to haunt the players, coaches and fans with the jerseys retired, hinting at better days gone by and leave fans asking themselves the same question about the boys in blue:

Will this season be a trick, or a treat?


-Will Wagner



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Posted by Will Wagner | October 31, 2013 at 02:40 pm

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New York Rangers VS Chicago Blackhawks
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

  1 2 3 OT F
Rangers 3 0 0 - 3
Blackhawks 1 1 0 - 2

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