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Sweet Dreams
Rangers take game 5 thanks to Moore

Dom Moore (New York Rangers)

Dom Moore (New York Rangers)

Those NBC noon time starts mean 9 AM if I want to see the game live so thanks to the power of a DVR I taped the game and slept right through it. Boy did I have a great dream while I was sleeping.

I dreamt that the Rangers did all those little things they needed to do in order to win. They kept skating, they took the attack to Steve Mason, they didn't take the foot off the gas and allow the Flyers to get back into it, and I even saw Rick Nash making a play or two in my dream.

At first I thought I was having this kind of IKEA nightmare as Carl Hagelin kept taking dumb penalties but that changed as the game went on. Whether you liked the Callahan trade or not you had to love seeing Martin St. Louis setting a perfect screen for Marc Staal as he fired the puck past a confused Steve Mason for a 1-0 Ranger lead.

That play screamed volumes about how bad St. Louis wanted to win as you don't expect a guy St. Louis’s size or age to risk his body like that. Give Staal the credit for seeing the ice and jumping into the play knowing he had open ice to skate with. St. Louis put the puck right where Staal wanted and Mason never saw the shot until it was behind him.

There was Rick Nash taking the puck right to the net and forcing the Flyers to grab him to create a Ranger power play. See when I get upset with Nash it is because he doesn't always make plays like he did here. But when he does then something good happens for the Rangers which is why you want to see Nash on attack mode every chance you can.

Oh what a great dream as there was J. T. Miller, Carl Hagelin and Brad Richard’s right in the Flyer crease area fighting for the puck and Richards would win poking the puck in for a 2-0 Ranger lead.  Gary Bettman tried to turn my dream into a nightmare when his ref blew the whistle way too early and cost the Rangers (at the moment a 3-0).

Freud would say that Bettman's presence represents my dislike of the incompetence of many NHL refs and linesmen. Blowing the play did before it even looks like Steve Mason has control of the puck was bad but blowing it when the puck was clearly out and by his left skate says Gary Bettman was out of position and thus blew the call.

Dom Moore chased the evil Gary Bettman away when he outworked two Flyer defenders and wound up with a breakaway that Mason could not stop for a 3-0 lead at 16:20 of the second period. It was perhaps the most important goal of the game as it boosted Ranger spirits after the lost goal. Its value became even more apparent when the Flyers would get on the board with 33 seconds left in the second period.

3-1 heading into the 3rd was nice but the score should have been 4-1 and then the 3rd period would not have been as tense as it was. Claude Giroux would make it a 3-2 game but Dom Moore would make a play that goes a long way in deciding this series when Moore outskated the Flyers to the puck causing what would have been an icing call. From there it would be Moore who would hit Brian Boyle with a pass that Boyle would put into the empty net to finish off the Flyers 4-2.

A nice dream but reality begs this one question: Why can't they play like this every night? This was the Ranger's best effort of the series as they were almost perfect. They did everything in their game plan, they sure showed that Mason was not as good as the goalie as he was in game 4.

They overcame some terrible officiating but most importantly they came away with a win that turns game 6 into an elimination game. The good news is that the Rangers are 13-2 in series in which they led 3-2. The bad news is that the Rangers have lost 11 straight playoff games in which they had a series lead.   

I might be taking a long nap come Tuesday evening.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | April 28, 2014 at 02:29 am

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