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The Blame Game
Plenty of Fingers Pointed After Ranger loss

I think New York Ranger Coach Alain Vigneault said it best when he called the criminal schedule that the Rangers have had to play "the stupid schedule" and he is being nice. I don't have to be when only one team is asked to play back to back games in connective series or five games in seven nights. Excuse me while I have a special finger (hint it is the one in the middle) to point at the real culprits here who are the NHL and the folks at Comcast/NBC.

The NHL has allowed itself to be pimped out by Comcast/NBC for the TV contract they have and have basically allowed TV to decide when games are played. A Sunday afternoon game on Easter Sunday just so NBC could have a game rather than scheduling it at night.

The Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers have to play two key games on back to back nights? The deciding game no less with the winner getting a night off before getting to play the first three games of their next series in four days.

Why couldn’t game one of this series have taken place on Saturday evening instead of Friday night? It isn’t like NBC has a strong “must see” schedule anymore that they couldn’t have played this game in prime time heck even on NBC.

No got to have it on Friday night (long considered a doormat of a night for TV) so you can have a Sunday evening game. But why force the Rangers to play a second set of back to back games.

The answer might have to do with had they went with a Tuesday for game 3 and a Thursday for game 4 then Comcast/NBC would have seen the Ranger game going up against the NFL Draft and it's first round on Thursday.  Now there is must see TV if I ever saw one event.

The Rangers and their fans got screwed here by the NHL and their TV pimps. There is a rather nasty saying that goes right here about getting kissed but I won’t say it to spare poor Dan some grey hairs.

As for the game, even when I tried to use my fast forward the Rangers were skating slowly. There was nothing on their shots and sorry while people will say there was an effort by the team sorry it wasn’t much of one.

You hold the Pittsburgh Penguins to just 15 shots and it is your team that winds up getting shut out? Wow that alone screams volumes about how this supposed “effort” wasn’t there.

I really wish the NHL would steal from the QMJHL a stat that would be way more revealing than just your shots on goal. It is called “dangerous shots” which measures whether or not you shot had a chance of leading to a goal. Put that in and people will see how meaningless shots on goal really is.

Got to have the required “Blame Rick Nash” portion of the blog as the 7.8 million dollar player was all of 4 shots with 2 giveaways in 19:51 of ice time.  We are now up to 26 career games with just 2 playoff goals for Rick Nash and barring a miracle it may be safe to say that Nash is never going to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as a Ranger.

But let us not jump on Nash alone because he has some company as Marty St. Louis is pointless in 5 games, Brad Richards since his 1-2-3 in game 1 against the Flyers is 2-2-2 in 9 games, Derek Stepan is the same as St. Louis with no points in his last 5 games and Carl Hagelin at least is 1-1-2 in his last 5 games.

While the Penguin players are putting their “big boy pants on” to quote Alain Vigneault, the Rangers are just not putting any pants on as they keep coming up empty. And before we forget the coach Alain Vigneault doesn’t escape this blame game either as the “offensive wiz” has a team that can’t score on the power play or now even at even strength or if you haven’t recognized it that is John Tortorella Tom Renney defense being used out there against the Penguins.

How else are the Rangers holding the Penguins to just 15 shots? Isn’t it so amazing that the more you say you are changing that the more you wind up playing the same?

No the series is not over but it sure looks like the same kind of script is being written for why the Rangers will once again fall in the playoffs. No offense, no power play, and no consistent effort.

I wonder who I think should be blamed for that?

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 6, 2014 at 03:51 am

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