How far will the Rangers get this season?

Pride, Poise, and a Heavy Heart
Rangers play best game of their playoffs to force game 6

Derick Brassard (New York Rangers)

Derick Brassard (New York Rangers)

Where to begin to sing the praises of the New York Ranger’s 5-1 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins in game 5 on Friday night?

How about Derek Brassards “in your face” attack that led to a 2-1-3 evening?

Mats Zuccarrello’s 3 assists but his all over the ice going after and fighting anyone and everyone for the puck game?

Derek Dorsett’s challenging any Penguin if they wanted to fight and none did but more importantly shutting down any Pittsburgh attempts to “chippy up” the game which protected the Rangers on the ice.

Dom Moore for turning Sidney Crosby into a “non-factor” held to just 3 shots and in turn taking away the effectiveness of the Crosby/Malkin combo.

Kevin Klein for quietly becoming a factor at both ends of the ice as his empty net goal was well deserved as if you watched the whole game then you would have seen Klein in the right place at the right time every time.

Brian Boyle for his efforts during the 5 on 3 when Boyle played such a huge part of disrupting destroying the Penguins power play and sucking the life out of both the Penguins and their fans.

Chris Kreider getting that power play goal which raised the Ranger confidence by not only getting the game’s first goal but ending that nasty “0 for” streak. Even better was that Kreider and his linemates set the tone by attacking the net and frustrating Marc-Andre Fleury.

Ryan McDonagh by playing the way everyone has gone used to McDonagh playing this season. No more “McDonagh has to be playing hurt” from the NBC talking heads. McDonagh scoring the 2nd power play goal but more importantly making it a 3 goal lead on a goal that Fleury should have stopped but didn’t.

Marty St. Louis doesn’t need to be explained why except perhaps why he honored his mother by playing. We fans forget that as kids there is always someone who have to drive you to games, practices, meetings, who sits in the stands at unheated kiddie rinks to cheer you on. Hockey parents sacrifice more than any other to help their child play.

Marty St. Louis honored not only his mother but every other parent who made sure their kid got to the rink.

Alain Vigneault for doing perhaps his best coaching job of the season. Just telling his players what he wanted and then playing cheerleader on the bench. No extra coaching just showing his players he believed in them.

Glen Sather, James Dolan, and the Ranger front office by doing “the Ranger thing” and sending St. Louis back to New York on the Ranger charter to pick up his family. Then a private jet to fly St. Louis and his family to Montreal and if you think the Rangers will present him a bill for all of this think again.

Oh this game wasn’t perfect as when Dan Girardi pulled his double gaffe that led to Malkin scoring to make it 2-1 I bet I was not the only one who thought this is when the season falls apart.

But no the team did not quit and rallied to regain control scoring to make it 3-1 and finally 4-1.

So now there is a Sunday game in New York on what will be a very emotional day for the Ranger team trying to help a teammate in pain. The Rangers did their part and now it is up to the Ranger fans to show up and support the team.

Bring the towels, bring the noise but bring the Ranger pride too.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 10, 2014 at 05:07 am

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