How far will the Rangers get this season?

Do the Math E(ffort) + N(oise) = F(ighting) C(hance)
Just Do It

New York Rangers

New York Rangers

Let’s not kid ourselves as the New York Rangers are still in a deep hole going into game 6 but what they have is a chance and bring out every corny cliché you want as a chance is sometimes your best hope. It is plain and simple, win and you play one more game; lose and there is no tomorrow.

So then is boils down to this simple math equation: E+N=FC or in English: Effort + Noise = Fighting Chance. If the Rangers bring the effort and the fans bring the noise then the Rangers have a fighting chance at forcing a game 7. By effort I mean the team has to play like they did in game 5 and if they do then the Madison Square Garden crowd needs to bring the noise.

And by noise I mean the roof shaking, garden rocking breaking the decibel meter noise of days past. The kind of noise that the Penguins will hear in their locker room and wonder what the heck is going on.

Don’t believe for a second when a player tells you that crowd noise doesn’t affect them as it does. It gives the Ranger player more energy to make the plays, it makes it impossible for the other team to communicate with each other and even better it can force the refs to be really careful about the kinds of calls they make.

Bring the noise and hopefully it will help Marty St. Louis as he goes through the pain of playing on Mother’s Day just a couple of days after losing his mother. Whether you liked the trade for St. Louis or not now is the time to be Ranger fans and help a player who is in a lot of pain.

I realize that I am asking for a lot as yes I know this team hasn’t been able to play two straight solid games during the playoffs but now it is time for a leap of faith. Now it is time to hope that the team feeds off game 5 and with the support of the fans takes the game to the Penguins.

It is called hope and right now that is the Ranger’s best friend so make it your friend too.

Mother’s Day

Ask anyone who ever played the game as a kid and odds are that the majority of the time it was mom who drove them to practices, games and everything else hockey related or not. It is one of the biggest reasons why hockey players are so close to their mothers.

Then there is the flip side which is those of us who never were close to their mother and before we could say the things we needed to be said it was too late. I lost my mother in 1991and even today it hurts that we were never close and that I never spoke up.

So if you are reading this and your mother is around don’t wait, pick up the phone, go over and visit or whatever make sure you tell her how your feel. Life can be cruel and with the snap of a finger your mother could be gone and you will be stuck with a bunch of regrets.

Take it from someone who knows.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 11, 2014 at 01:32 am

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