Is Martin St. Louis a Hall of Famer?



Soins pour un peu de fromage avec votre gémissement Prustie?*
Care for some cheese with your whine Prustie?

Chris Kreider (Getty Images)

Chris Kreider (Getty Images)

While the New York Rangers gathered to support Marty St. Louis and his family as they held funeral services for France St. Louis, the Montreal Canadiens were whining about Chris Kreider’s collision with Carey Price in game.

The complaining mainly came from former Ranger Brandon Prust and Montreal coach Michel Therrien didn’t accuse Kreider of being a dirty player but Prust called the collision “accidently on purpose.” Of course this leads to the hockey media in Canada to look at all of the collisions that Kreider has ever had with any goalie.

Guess when you lose 7-2 on your home ice then you need to look for someone to blame to deflect that your team played a really weak game. To borrow from the Rangers, score was 2-0 and Kreider was trying to make 3-0 not hurt Price.

Why yes Montreal Kreider would rather give the Montreal Canadiens a reason for them and their fans to rally around rather than make it a 3-0 game. I have lost count of how many players have run players into their own goalie but nobody remembers those plays now do they?

Memo to Prust don’t worry as it is almost a given that Derek Dorsett will fight you in game two. If not Dorsett then perhaps if Derek Brassard doesn’t play then Dan Carcillo will.

In the meantime the Rangers badly need to rid themselves of that 13 game “monkey on their back” losing streak when playing with a series lead. If I am Alain Vigneault then I show the team the tape of each goal from game one.

Show them to remind them that it is much easier to score when you are attacking the net. Take the puck to the net because it also forces Montreal to skate 200 feet to try to score for themselves.

The better the attack, the better the forecheck then the better you keep Montreal’s PK Subban from attacking himself. Score early and take the Montreal fans out of the game.

The Rangers need to establish the up tempo for this game and render Montreal’s 3rd and 4th lines as unusable. Force the Canadiens into a foot race as that is not their game.

I so like Alain Vigneault’s comments about expecting Carey Price to play in game 2 as it renders any attempt by Montreal to play guessing games about which goalie will play useless.

Cross your fingers and hope that Rick Nash has gotten that monkey off his back and will start scoring goals. I will keep saying this and that is Montreal does not have any kind of answer to stop Rick Nash from scoring if Nash is attacking the net.

I have this feeling that Marty St. Louis is going to have a monster game on Monday given the way he has responded so far to the passing of his mother. I think St. Louis is going to “Mark Messier” the Rangers in game 2.

All Ranger fans can do is bring out your lucky charms and hope by the end of game two that the Rangers will have a 2-0 series lead.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 19, 2014 at 04:06 am

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