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Crime with No Punishment
Interference? Not a chance

Derek Stepan (New York Rangers)

Derek Stepan (New York Rangers)

OK I have to admit I was shocked that the NHL even punished Brandon Prust at all given the way NHL “justice” has been over the years. But of course the punishment never fits the crime in the NHL and until it does then the NHL will remain a carnival act mocked by ESPN Sportscenter.

Really just 2 games for breaking Derek Stepan’s jaw as it might be a minor miracle if the Ranger sees Stepan in their lineup before the playoffs end. Let me get Dan Carcillo out of the way before I go any further as if the NHL had addressed what happened to Stepan properly then the 10 game ban on Carcillo would have been the right call.

I know there are plenty of you angry and upset over the “punishment” but at the same time this is what you should expect from the NHL after all this time. C’mon after Brandon Prust called Chris Kreider’s hit on Carey Price “accidentally on purpose” then here Prust goes injuring a player.

Even worse is if you take the time to watch the NHL’s video clip on the hit then their own wording actually makes a stronger case for a longer suspension. This was not “interference” this was a clear attempt to injure a player and had the four on-ice officials called Prust on this hit then real punishment would have happened.

After all how do you say “10 games suspension” for a play that wasn’t even a penalty during the game? That would have called out those officials for missing the play in the first place. Now we can’t have that now can we?

See for years I have wanted the NHL to change how they punish players for dirty play. There are way too many “punishments” like the one handed out to Prust while the injured player is out weeks or even months. What I want to see done is the suspension having 2 parts.

The first part is the offending player is suspended for as long as the player he injured remains unable to play. Once the injured player returns to play then the second phase of his punishment begins which is the number of games the player was due to be suspended. If the play takes place during the end of the season or playoff series then the player is suspended for the number of days it takes the injured player to recover starting with the first day of the next season.

Let’s also address the four on-ice officials who somehow never saw this play? Maybe “Instant Replay” needs to be expanded to cover plays like this one. After all at this time of the year the guys in stripes are supposedly the very best that the NHL has to offer.

How can you continue to allow this crew to work such important games when they totally miss someone getting hurt? In any event the Rangers suffer a serious loss to their lineup right at a crucial point of the series.

Maybe the Rangers have their rallying cry to fire them up but it will really stink that the Rangers wind up losing this series after losing Stepan.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 24, 2014 at 06:02 am

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