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World is not ending because Rangers lost game 5

Derek Stepan (New York Rangers)

Derek Stepan (New York Rangers)

First things first, everyone take a nice long deep breath and calm down as the world is not coming to an end just because the New York Rangers lost game 5 7-4 to the Montreal Canadiens. At last check the Rangers still lead this series 3-2 and are heading to home ice for Thursday’s game 6.

Yes the Rangers will have a couple of different players in the lineup for game 6 as John Moore should draw at least a 1 game suspension for his dirty hit on Dale Weise that resulted in Moore’s ejection. If anyone is looking for a defense of Moore’s play then sorry this is not your spot for that.

That said there are some very legit differences between what John Moore did and what Brandon Prust did. For starters Moore doesn’t have any kind of history for questionable play as Prust does. Unlike Prust there was nobody wondering if he was head hunting as was the case with Prust’s hit on Stepan.

However John Moore should thank his stars that Dale Weise wasn’t hurt and when he gets his suspension to learn from the experience and hopefully never find himself in the same situation again.

Derek Dorsett on the other hand does deserve a multiple game suspension for his head-butt on the Canadian’s Mike Weaver. Dorsett has zero excuse for his lame head-butt on Weaver as there was no call for it. Dorsett is lucky that he did not cost the Rangers another 5 minute major for his behavior.

There was no hiding what Dorsett did and for that the NHL would be in the right to suspend Dorsett for anywhere from 3-5 games. Sorry if this offends anyone but this writer believes no color uniform excuses bad behavior.

Then again Benoit Pouliot gets called for a tripping penalty that even the NBC announcers were scratching their heads wondering what he did. No problem as Pouliot was guilty of being in the same area as the Canadiens leading diver P. K. Subban.

As soon as Pouliot breathed on Subban, Subban went down with one of his amazing acting performances. Subban got the right Ranger as given how many dumb penalties that Pouliot has taken in this series alone then the refs on reputation alone made that call on Pouliot.

Let’s face it the Rangers shut their brains down and other than the 4:24 during the 2nd period when they rallied to tie the game at 4-4, they played a terrible game.  Too many breakdowns on defense, too often the Rangers were looking for the hit instead of the play and they left both goalies on their own for most of the game. Not that either goalie was all that special with their play either.

Still Alain Vigneault was right to replace Lundqvist when he did as the team needed a shakeup in the worst way. And sorry once you pull Lundqvist and have him sit for a while then you don’t ask him to go back in unless Talbot gets injured.

But if you want to question the coach then pick pulling Talbot for the extra attacker as it was way too early and the coach got the result he deserved when Montreal scores shorthanded for their 3 goal lead. At the very least you take the shot with the power play to see if you can cut the lead to 1 and then pull Talbot for the extra attacker.

Just a bad decision by the coach on a night where the Rangers were making plenty of them. Hopefully they got it out of their system and come Thursday night they will put an end to the hopes of the Montreal Actors and Divers once and for all.

But before we do that let us send some praise to the 4 Rangers who played well for the game. Derek Stepan with his broken jaw scoring 2 goals, Rick Nash with a 1-1-2 night but more importantly 4 shots (he has been shooting 1-2 during the series), Chris Kreider 1-3-4 should end the discussion that he was the wrong pick in the 2009 NHL draft and Kevin Klein was the lone Ranger who had they won would have earned the Broadway Hat.

Klein stood out because he was everywhere Tuesday night trying to make plays on offense something he is not well known for but give him credit he was trying to win. Now the big question is who does Alain Vigneault insert into the lineup should there be suspensions?

Replacing Moore is easy as you go with Raphael Diaz on defense; but if the Rangers need to replace Dorsett then that choice is tougher. If Miller is 100% then he would get the nod but if not while many fans will be calling for Jesper Fast or Oscar Lindberg, I would go with Danny Kristo.

Why you ask would I want to put a kid into a situation like a game 6 for his NHL debut? Simple for starters, Kristo that I watched at North Dakota was a money game player. Second don’t think for a second that Kristo would love the opportunity to help eliminate the team that never gave him any kind of chance.

And third because it is the perfect story to send the Canadiens diving team back to their wading pools for the summer.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 28, 2014 at 05:33 am

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