How far will the Rangers get this season?

Not On Our Ice
Send Them Home Without The Cup

OK going to skip all the clichés and pleas for a miracle for the New York Rangers to come back and win the Stanley Cup. There really is just one thing to ask of you the players and coaches. Please send the Los Angeles Kings back to Los Angeles empty handed.  If they are going to party then let them do it in front of their own fans.

See there is a 13 year old boy who had his heartbroken back in 1972 when the Boston Bruins defeated the Rangers in 6 games and celebrated on the Garden ice. It was a terrible feeling for a boy who rooted for his heroes only for them to fall short of what really looked like a chance to end the curse of 1940.

It is the only time in Ranger’s history that someone besides the Rangers got to raise the cup at Madison Square Garden. So for all the 13 years old boys and girls who will be at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, do them a favor and don’t break their hearts.

Reach inside and let Wednesday be about the Ranger players and their fans, beat the Kings and let us have one more salute at center ice. This season has been one heck of a wild ride and the team has brought back a hope that has been forgotten by many for so long.

You guys started this season out west because your home wasn’t ready and for a while it really looked like this season was going to be a disaster. But it wasn’t and for all of us who didn’t think this team was going to get this far then I offer an apology for not believing in you.

You beat those Philadelphia Flyers and their lame attempts to bully you. You shocked the Pittsburgh Penguins so badly that it cost both their coach and their GM their jobs. You spanked the Montreal Canadiens despite their attempts to play dirty. Yes you guys gave a wild ride but at the same time you made us proud by the way you rallied around Martin St. Louis at his most painful of moments.

Beat LA and let us show the hockey world that there is no greater bond than the one between the Rangers and their fans. Beat LA and deny them the opportunity to skate around the Garden ice with the cup.

Be the New York Rangers and show the world why they call it the “World’s Most Famous Area.”

But most of all do it for yourselves so you can take the curtain call that you so richly deserve. Thank you for restoring the pride in the Ranger uniform and thank you for giving us fans a reason to really have hope for tomorrow.


Petr Zamorsky

By now you have heard that the Rangers have signed Czech born defenseman Petr Zamorsky to a 2 year deal. Zamorsky is a 21 year old who is 5'11 190lbs who will be coming to the Rangers from HC Zlin via the Blues of Finland's top league. Zamorsky had originally signed with the Blues but was able to get out that contract to sign with the Rangers.

It will be interesting to see how quickly he adapts to the North American brand of hockey as he has played a physical game in the Czech league but it is a different story in North America.

Those I talked to about Zamorsky think he can help the Rangers but they were thinking more long term than helping right away. At 5'11 it will be interesting to see which Ranger defender he pushes for a job.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | June 11, 2014 at 04:56 am

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New York Rangers VS Chicago Blackhawks
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

  1 2 3 OT F
Rangers 3 0 0 - 3
Blackhawks 1 1 0 - 2

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