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A Strange Night

Glen Sather (New York Rangers)

Glen Sather (New York Rangers)

For a team that didn’t have a first round pick in the opening night of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, the New York Rangers somehow still drew a bit of attention and none of it was because of anything they did. Well maybe one move which was minor trade that when you strip everything away was because the NHL and NHLPA announced that the salary cap for the 2014-2015 season will be lowered to 69 million dollars.

In a nutshell the 1.67 million dollar cap hit that Derek Dorsett’s salary carried made him expendable if the Rangers have any hope of making the moves they are planning. That Derek Dorsett returned the Rangers a 3rd round pick (85th) that the Vancouver Canucks had picked up themselves when they traded Ryan Kesler to the Anaheim Ducks.

It is a trade that is also a risky move as now the possibility exists that the Rangers will need to totally rebuild the 4th line which was a source of strength during the Ranger’s playoff run. Whether you were liked this deal or not from a money stand point it is a loser because the Rangers gained a couple of hundred thousand dollars but increased the number of players the Rangers may have to replace.

Why the salary cap was lowered was not really explained but really the bottom line is it hurt the Rangers by forcing a salary cap move. Hopefully one of the younger players will ease the “pain” by earning a roster spot at training camp.

Then there was something that really leaves you shaking your head as several Ranger fans were upset that the Rangers didn’t hold an official draft party. It did not matter that the Rangers didn’t have a first round pick in the 2014, these fans wanted the draft party.

Maybe they didn’t understand that in most sports that hold player selection drafts that they don’t hold draft parties. And it wasn’t as if there weren’t draft parties being held all over the place for Ranger fans, some of these parties included former Rangers so again it is really hard to be upset at the Rangers because they didn’t host a draft party.

If you are that upset then why not contact the team and request them to host one in future years or in the case of this year open up the prospect camp scrimmages as a substitute.

But one can’t help mentioning that the New York Islanders traded two second round picks in the 2014 Entry Draft for the 28th pick which every Ranger fan should recognize was the pick that Rangers had to give Tampa when they made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. One really does have to ask would Islander GM Garth Snow made the same offer to Glen Sather?

Give Garth Snow some serious credit here because he made sure that this pick would be noticed (not because it was the Rangers) first by selecting a player by Josh Ho-Sang who there is no grey area as you either like him or you really don’t.

Ho-Sang made some serious waves this week during an interview he gave Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun. The headline for the interview is “The curious case of controversial NHL prospect Joshua Ho-Sang.”

It reads in many ways a little like Mohammed Ali and a little bit Sean Avery as Ho-Sang didn’t make any friends when he said things like:

“If I was a general manager and had first pick in the draft, I’d pick me No. 1 ... In three years, I’ll be the best player in this draft. And I have no doubt about that. I know myself. I know the other players. I believe in my ability. There are guys ranked ahead of me who are nowhere near me.”

I give Ho-Sang some serious credit for having that much belief in himself and if anything he is almost as cocky as a New Yorker with his ego. I admit that I happen to be a fan of his and would have loved to see him fall to 59 and the Rangers.

There is one comment though that most likely go away anytime soon as it raised a rather serious issue that if you open your mind and look at it from his point of view before judging it. Ho-Sang wonders if perhaps his color affects how he gets treated even by his own team the Windsor Spitfires (OHL)

“I think colour definitely plays a factor in perception,” said Ho-Sang.

“People watch my games and are very critical. When I start dangling, my GM calls me a Harlem Globetrotter. Why am I a Harlem Globetrotter? Analogies get related to basketball all the time with me. I don’t play basketball. I’ve never played basketball. I’m a hockey player. Why are they doing that?

“When I do anything, I’m just another black kid with attitude. I think I get misunderstood because these guys want to figure me out without talking to me and try to come up with every single reason why there’s something wrong with me.

“With all this going on, the only place I can win this argument is on the ice.”

For the record, I like Ho-Sang because he has almost Carl Hagelin-like speed on the ice, His offensive skills are flat out impressive and despite being just 5’11 he can play.

One has to wonder if because Ho-Sang will speak his mind that helped Garth Snow make up his mind to draft him. In a few years only Ranger and Islander fans will know the significance of which draft pick Ho-Sang was.

If he makes it to the NHL then Ho-Sang will give the Islanders someone who will draw them attention good or bad. Does anyone know how to get ahold of Sean Avery so he can give him some pointers on how to work the media?

By the way by the time you read this the Rangers will either be just making their draft picks or will have finished them. In any event come back here tomorrow for the breakdown on the (maybe) 5 Ranger draft picks.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | June 28, 2014 at 05:29 am

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