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Brandon Halverson (Soo Greyhounds)

Brandon Halverson (Soo Greyhounds)

There is nothing more frustrating than a New York Ranger off-season after the majority of the team’s moves have been made. Why you ask? The answer is simple as that is when all the silly rumors start and the sad part is how fast they make their rounds through the web without anyone stopping to go “Wait this doesn’t make any sense so why are we talking about this?”

Yes it understandable that Ranger fans miss their hockey and depending on how the previous season ended are anxious for the next season to get underway. But really people some of the stuff being passed off as legit Ranger news isn’t funny.

Case in point: No sooner had New York Ranger’s coach Alain Vigneault announced that the team would not name the next captain until training camp that a rumor started making the rounds. The rumor said that the Rangers were going to name Ryan McDonagh as captain as soon as next week.

Guess nobody listened to what the coach had said and sorry despite McDonagh being the odds on favorite then stirring up a rumor was a waste of people’s time. Heck why don’t I start a rumor right here by saying that the Rangers will name Marty St. Louis as the next captain?

Or maybe one where Ryan McDonagh says he doesn’t want to be the Ranger’s captain because others are more qualified than he is? I am pretty sure that even just mentioning this will lead someone to actually start this rumor so you can have the laugh and tell folks you had a source that said that it was not true.

This one made me laugh over the weekend as when Ranger assistant coach Daniel Lacroix resigned to take a coaching position with the Montreal Canadiens then all of a sudden there was Brian Leetch’s name making the rounds as his replacement. First off the odds are good that most Ranger fans weren’t even aware that Lacroix was working for the Rangers and even fewer knew what he did.

If you did not know Lacroix was that he broke down video and occasionally scouted other teams in his only season with the Rangers. Leetch left his position with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety recently so of course there were some rocket scientists who interpreted that move as Leetch was going to coach for the Rangers.

Really Leetch would become the Ranger’s video coach? How in the world could anyone be that foolish to think that? Yes Leetch once said that he would have joined Mark Messier’s coaching staff but a Brian Leetch doesn’t break down video or play birddog (not that there is anything wrong with either position). Why sure Brian Leetch will be the guy in the stands talking to Ulf Samuelsson about what was going on.

C’mon people before biting into a rumor first look to where it is coming from as yes there are websites where their fan/writers bite into these rumors. These aren’t exactly the folks who you can count on for serious hockey reporting.

You won’t see rumors from this writer, which is my promise to you other than this one: I can confirm that the next captain of the New York Rangers will be a New York Ranger. I have than on very good authority so you can bank on it happening.

USA Summer Evaluation Camp Day 3

Day 3 of Team USA’s Summer Evaluation Camp featured the split squads taking on teams from Finland and Sweden. First off 2014 2nd round pick Brandon Halverson got the start for Team Blue against Finland. Halverson was more settled in than he was on Saturday as he stopped all 8 of the shots he faced in 30:29 of action.

It might not seem like a lot of work but Finland was the silver medal winners at the 2014 World Under-20 Championship and not to be taken lightly. Halverson did not figure in the decision as all of the scoring in the game happened in the 3rd period as Team Blue won 2-1. Monday Halverson and his team will face Sweden as Halverson is expected to be the backup goalie.

Keegan Iverson the Rangers 2014 3rd round pick was once again listed as the 4th line right wing for Team White as they lost to Sweden 4-3. Iverson was once again playing with his Winterhawks teammate Dom Turgeon at center but had a new left winger in Sonny Milano (Columbus 2014 1st).

Team USA doesn’t keep detailed stats on the forwards so other than Iverson was scoreless, without a shot and did not take any penalties. Iverson and company gave up the game’s first 4 goals before rallying for 3 goals for the final score. Team White faces Finland on Monday.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | August 4, 2014 at 03:00 am

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New York Rangers VS Chicago Blackhawks
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

  1 2 3 OT F
Rangers 3 0 0 - 3
Blackhawks 1 1 0 - 2

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