A Night At The Draft

In News by Jess Rubenstein


(5:47 local time)

I for one am happy that Jeff Gorton was able to flip Derek Stepan and Anti Raanta the seventh pick in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. Forget to break up the core the core was broken and needed repair.

So at seven which direction?  Do they go center or defense?

I hope Cody Glass is sitting there at 7 as they need a big game center and Glass is that. Michael Rasmussen is a good second pick but I am not sold on a 5’11 defenseman Cale Makar.

21 will offer great chances to select a defender so wait until then.

They are doing the roll call and announced that Gorton and Gordie Clark will make the picks.

My current top 5: 1-Nolan Patrick, 2- Nico Hischier, 3- Gabriel Virardi, 4- Michael Rasmussen, 5- Casey Mittlestadt.


The NHL wastes more time than most nations do in a lifetime. Looking around at how many of my peers are playing PC games rather than watch the nonsense.

About time the picks begin. New Jersey up first and if they fail to take Patrick they deserve to remain a toilet team

and the pick is Nico Hischier, the poor kid going to play in the graveyard in Newark.

I am sitting next to some Swiss media who are proud of his accomplishment and rightly so. Great kid, met him yesterday on the cruise.

6:22 Flyers take Patrick which was the expected and right move/

This horrible rumor just in, NYR send 7th and 21st to get Dallas # 3 pick. Take away that person’s crack pipe, please.

6:37  the rumors were not close to being true.  They take Miro Heiskanen of HIFK

6:40 Vancouver needs to keep angry fans happy so they disappoint them and select Elias Pettersson of Sweden instead of local kid Michael Rasmussen of Surrey BC DUMB but nobody does dumb better than Vancouver.

Vegas selects my boy Cody Glass a great pick by them, kid will be stud.


NO PLEASE RANGERS his name is Michael Rasmussen and you can’t teach 6’6