Can Anyone Coach This Rangers Team?

In Blueshirt Bulletin Main Blog, News by Jess Rubenstein

It is quite easy to start a rumor as we will see many a person to as to who the New York Rangers might hire as their next coach. To that of the matter is the person hired is going let the world know just how serious the New York Rangers are about actually rebuilding.

Simply hiring someone who can honestly be viewed as just another NHL retread is not a good idea. Lindy Ruff sorry he’s the prime example of what would be the wrong hire. The next coach of the New York Rangers is going to have a lineup that is pretty much filled with younger players.

Those younger players are going to make plenty of mistakes as they develop into NHL players. The key to whoever winds up getting hired isn’t whether he’s a good teacher but rather how much patience he has.

For me, the biggest key to Alain Vigneault’s dismissal was his lack of patience. Now I’m not talking about with just the younger players. It is more about how often players found themselves with new linemates almost being changed by shift.

Players need time and yes mistakes in order to develop chemistry with each other. If players were perfect instantly and every team would go undefeated. There is talent coming to the Rangers and it will take some time for players to gel with one another.

And a list of names you’re seeing being bandied about as to who might become the next New York Rangers head coach should not be.

Mark Messier: forget that he has no NHL coaching experience, Messier has no proven record of being someone who teaches young players. Young players are not going to learn by looking at his many Stanley Cup rings.

Messier would be to make the fans happy just like naming Ryan Mcdonagh captain. Perhaps had he accepted the offer of being an assistant coach and gain experience this would be a different story.

Patrick Roy: why not ask why he failed in Colorado? The answer was that he could not control everything as he did at the junior level. Roy is a bully and would be run out of town faster than John Tortorella was.

Dave Tippett, Darryl Sutter, and Dan Bylsma: there better days are behind them as coaches needless to say let somebody else hire them and live off their reputation.
Who do I love?

Right off the bat the guy the Rangers need to hire should be a guy looking to make his reputation. They haven’t had much luck with guys living off their reputation. Somebody looking to make their mark at the NHL level and is hungry.

Sheldon Keefe: if the Rangers don’t hire him somebody else will. As a young talented coach currently with the Toronto Marlies. Watched him rebuild Tim Gettinger’s Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds into the powerhouse they are today.

Unlike Alain Vigneault, Keefe is quick on his feet and does not get outcoached by anyone.

Mike Schafer: everybody is can look at this name and go “huh?” Yes I know almost none of you know who this but I do. He has been the coach of the Cornell Red since 1995 and now he has no shot.
I like him because he is what I wanna see a teacher, a disciplinarian, a winner and someone who can get his players to buy into what he wants to do. I watched him take Morgan Barron always known strictly as a one-way player and turn him into a defensive forward with offensive skill.

That’s what the Rangers need. Has an advantage of the ECAC connection just like Jeff Gorton and Gordie Clark.

Nat Leaman: here is another name that you have no idea who he is. This is a gentleman who has built the Providence Friars into a solid program in one of the toughest conferences college hockey has. Led Providence to the 2015 NCAA championship and was one of the top teams in college hockey this season.

Everything I said about Mike Schaefer you have right here with Nat Lehmann. Another New England possibility.