Thinking Out Loud

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Bobby Ryan (Ottawa Senators)

It must be a frustrating time for many a Rangers fan with so little in news about the team. For someone like myself, this quiet time is such a welcome relief. With each passing day, the less said about the Rangers the more hope I begin to have about the future.

Yet at the same time, I am so disappointed in the mindset of some fans. For fans wanting a rebuild, many appear to lack patience.

Say NO To Dead Contracts

This one I just don’t get, why in the world should the Rangers be someone’s patsy and take on their bad contracts? For what a future draft pick while that team improves itself? Help that team become a Stanley Cup contender while you are taking their problems?

Do you realize that by the time the Rangers are trying to contend that team will remain a contender? Only they will be standing in the way of the Rangers?

Please don’t use the argument that the Rangers have the salary cap space to do so. Just because you have cap space means you have to use it. Why tie up cap space for a couple of years when you can leave the room open for a move that actually helps you improve the franchise?. See it is more than the dollars spent, it is also about how many contracts you have open to use.

Please just say no and not add on someone else’s problems.

Rangers Lack Leadership

Chris Kreider (AP Images)

Another pet peeve is this constant the Rangers don’t have a team leader on the roster. If the season were to start tomorrow I could live with Chris Kreider wearing the “C.” Kreider at 27 is just entering hs prime, he is the right guy to help the younger players learn how to play in the NHL.

Toss in that Kreider is bilingual speaking Russian and it helps bridge a gap with the Russian players on the team. Kreider has shown all the earmarks of being a leader so adding the role of captain should not affect his overall play.

To me, one of the biggest mistakes the Rangers have made has been using the “C” as a way to appease the fans. Being captain is not about a popularity contest, it is about who is best to lead the team. Ryan McDonagh was a great defenseman but wearing the “C” hurt his game because he is not a real leader.

Let Kreider be the captain with Mats Zuccarello and Marc Staal as his assistants. And no Henrik Lundqvist does not need a letter to be a leader on the team, he leads with his play.

What is the big deal?

Vitali Kravtsov (

Not sure why so many were upset that 2018 first round pick Vitali Kravtsov was going to play in the KHL this year? He had a binding contract with Traktor Chelyabinsk to play for the 2018-2019 season. Let him play on Traktor’s dime for a year while he is getting big minutes instead of maybe AHL time. Why are so many in such a rush to get him to North America?

If you want to use the same logic why not ask K’Ander Miller to skip college and also go play in the AHL. Maybe Nils Lundkvist and Olf Lindbom come over to play junior hockey?

Why Lindy Ruff?

Why in the world would the Rangers keep Lindy Ruff on their coaching staff? Are they wanting to make David Quinn’s job that much harder? Ruff who was responsible for the team’s defense and penalty killing was just as much a part of the problem as was anyone on Alain Vigneault’s staff. Keeping him rather than allow Quinn to bring in his own staff makes little sense.