Wondering Aloud About David Quinn

In Blueshirt Bulletin Main Blog, News by Jess Rubenstein

After looking at all the stuff I have seen about David Quinn being named the new head coach of the New York Rangers, I have some wondering to do. See the world must have turned itself upside down and inside out, I like this hiring while too many don’t. It can be the right move for the Rangers except there are some nagging doubts for me.

Do you trust Jeff Gorton, Glen Sather, and James Dolan when they say the Rangers are actually rebuilding? After all, this isn’t the first time the Rangers have claimed to be rebuilding only to have it not happen.

If they are rebuilding then are they (Sather, Dolan, and Gorton) committed to giving Quinn the tools he will need to accomplish a true rebuild? The fear has to be that at the first sign of winning will the Rangers go back to their old ways and go all in?

Why are so many Ranger fans upset over this hiring? Here is a guy who has coached at the NHL level as an assistant and is a proven winning coach. David Quinn will bring to the Rangers an exciting uptempo brand of hockey. Even better is instead of hiring another retread, David Quinn brings fresh ideas and is not living off a previous reputation.

Can we please say no to bringing back Rick Nash and Michael Grabner? Yes, those players are nice guys and great in the locker room but in the accountability world, the Rangers do not need to like each other to play together. Let it be OK for players to call out their teammates when the effort is not 100%.

Who is the next captain of the Rangers? Can we please stop with the “most popular to the fans” and name the best leader instead? I for one do not believe the next captain is currently a Ranger. Give Quinn the say in naming his team leaders at training camp instead.

Will this work? The funny thing about rebuilding is that in most cases neither the GM or coach survive the actual rebuild. If it is to work then the fans (and ownership) are going to have to accept some harsh truths. Rebuilding is rough, there are growing pains and struggles and if you lack patience then you won’t like this.

Will you give David Quinn a chance?